Kid's Dress - Xoa Pea - Hibiscus - Sunset

Kid's Dress - Xoa Pea - Hibiscus - Sunset

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There are 4 species of little lizards in Bermuda. The Bermuda skink is endemic, the Jamaican, Antiguan and Barbados Anoles are introduced. This is the Jamaican Anole. They have the special ability to camouflage and can change from bright blue to various shades of grey and brown. The females are around 4-5 inches and the makes can reach up to 8 inches. He also has a vivid orange throat fan that he will extend during courtship or territory displays.

100% cotton

Digitally printed with bio-degradable, non-toxic, plant-based, eco friendly inks

Machine or hand wash cold. Line dry or tumble dry low

Designed in Bermuda  |  Made in the USA