Scarf - Turtle Bay - Azure
Scarf - Turtle Bay - Azure

Scarf - Turtle Bay - Azure

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When we were children, we never saw turtles. All the adult turtles who'd been returning to Bermuda's beaches to nest were killed by the early 1800s. In the 1970s a film was shown at the schools about the 25,000 turtle eggs they'd brought from Costa Rica, and buried buried on local beaches. We watched the babies hatch, and then their harrowing journey to the sea, where most of the hatchlings were killed. Those that did make it, headed straight out to sea away from the island. By 1973, they realised those babies were unlikely to ever return, and turtles became a fully protected species. Although the island is no longer host to reproducing adults, the juvenile turtle population is now thriving and as such, the Bermuda Turtle Project is able to tag and study a much needed gap in the species in order to further protect these endangered species. We created this design to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Bermuda Turtle Project, and to capture the amazing emotions we have felt over the years every time we spot turtles in our waters. For each online order, we will donate 5% to The Bermuda Turtle Project.

100% cotton voile 21" x 62" 

Digitally printed with bio-degradable, non-toxic, eco friendly inks

Machine or hand wash cold. Line dry or tumble dry low

Made in the USA

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