About Us

Growing up on a small island like Bermuda, surrounded by a vast ocean, we are in an epicenter for awareness of the effects pollution and global warming are having on our planet. When we were children, there was always black sticky tar that washed up on our beaches and stuck between our toes. It took hours to get it off and it makes us wonder which oil spill affected our beautiful island home for so many years. In the last decade, we have noticed the increase in plastic debris, from the largest to the smallest of pieces, washing up on our shores. As a result we see fish birds and turtles dying from bellies full of garbage. Every time we visit the beach, we gather as much as we can carry from our pink sands. Yet it is not enough; the plastic keeps coming.

It is not just the increasing pollution we have noticed. Each year seems to bring increasingly long droughts, drying up our gardens and making the water we catch on our roofs not always enough to sustain families through the dry periods. As teens, we would have hurricane parties and it was all fun and games. A couple decades later, the ever intensifying storms that bash our fragile shores cause so much damage and stress, it is not longer something to laugh about. All this led us to research how we can do more to make a difference, from hanging our laundry on a line in the sun, to getting solar panels, composting and having our own chickens and home gardens. But these are just small things. What we soon realised was that a major way we can make a difference, is to vote with our feet and invest in companies that are trying to make a difference. Environmentally conscious businesses are there if you search for them, and this was how we came to learn about slow, sustainable fashion. Although we still sometimes get swept up in buying what is the most beautiful, rather than what is best for our planet, we are hoping that creating our own eco brand is a step in the direction of putting our money where our mouths are. We are creating products that are not only beautiful and well made, but also sustainable, fair trade and less polluting to our planet and our bodies. Although this route is far more expensive in terms of production costs, it is less costly for our future, and this is where the true investments should be made.

Sacha Blackburne & Amanda Temple

Sacha - "I fell into photography when I moved back to the island with my husband in 2003. I quickly fell in love with my new career, which allowed me to capture the intimacy and happiness of love and family for so many. The idea of the Indigo Song dresses capturing memories is a continuation of that desire to capture love. Being a busy mama of two delicious children, I am hyper aware of the need to work towards a better world to leave to them. This environmental awareness is echoed in the sustainability and durability of the Indigo Song brand. My children also have allergies, so this inconvenience has made me so much more aware of all the toxins in the world. I only use natural ingredients at home and buy organic everything! On a trip to Toronto, not long after we began working on Indigo Song, I found myself in a mall buying deliciously fluffy onesies for the entire family. As soft and cute as they were, I realised that I had no idea of the toxins that may lie within the fibers, and the idea of spending eight or more hours a night in them was probably not ideal. That coupled with not knowing whether or not they were eco-friendly, made ethically or in a sustainable fashion was a wake up call about the way I shopped. I knew that I needed to commit to buying clothing from brands that were thinking about the future, and it further solidified my own commitment to ensuring that our brand would be fully ethical and eco-friendly from start to finish."

Amanda - "I don't remember much of my childhood so from time to time I'll ask my parents and sister to fill me in. I recently asked my mother what toys I enjoyed as a child and she said that from a very early age I was not interested in toys, but had a love for pretty dresses. I still love clothes and over the past twenty years have collected beautiful, timeless pieces by Max Mara, Emilio Pucci and Salvatore Ferragamo as well as classic, elegant basics. Most of them are made from natural fabrics that feel wonderful on the skin. I treasure these items, look after them and they have lasted and bring me joy every time I wear them. That is our goal now, to create a collection of pieces that will bring joy, endure the test of time, and not harm the environment. I live right by the sea and as I wander along the shore in front of my house I am confronted by the abundance of debris that has made it's way from far reaching shores. It is important to me that we not contribute to this global problem."