Indigo Song

As Sacha and Amanda were thinking of themes and logos for their budding business, they were stumped with what sort of imagery would best fit their new venture. They knew they wanted to include Sacha's daughter's name, Indigo, and spent days finding the right word to accompany it. They finally settled on 'Song' after searching for what combinations were actually available. They were not sure how musical notes or the colour indigo had anything to do with the stories they planned to illustrate (songs are sort of like stories but it was a stretch) or the environmentally friendly brand they were trying to create.

Then a few days later, it came to Amanda. She rang Sacha and shared with excitement how it all made sense - the tree frogs sing at their loudest just before dark, when the twilight sky is the colour of indigo. And so that idea became their theme, and the tree frog was to be their mascot. Then, Sacha tied together the idea that amphibians are well known as environmental markers and are the first creatures to show signs of trouble in an ecosystem. This was yet another link to tie the concepts together.


Of course, it doesn't really matter that the name or logo imagery have any link at all, but to the sisters, it was important. They gave it much thought and are so happy that the name and concept came together so beautifully. The journey has continued like that, where one idea leads to another that ends up making the reality better than the dream.