The Journey

This journey has been a whirlwind! It began in June 2017 where Amanda had a stall at bustling weekly street festival to promote her photography book - Tapestry of Tales. One evening, Sacha stopped by to visit with her daughter, Indigo. She was wearing her favourite frock - a souvenir dress from London, that reminds them of their wonderful family holiday. Amanda was admiring the dress, and mused how she wished there were more dresses with stories on them. At the same time Sacha was watching all the bustling stalls with Bermudians selling their wares, she shared that she longed to create something special that tourists would love to take home. The next day, it came to her! Sacha had visions of beautiful dresses with Bermuda stories illustrated around their hems to remind the wearers of their time on this magical island. Whether it was the sites they visited, the lush flora that charmed them, or perhaps the mesmerising palms, or ocean with its myriad of blues, each memory would be there for the taking. The sisters set out to create a line of resort wear to be an extension of that wonderful saying... "Take only photos, leave only footprints." But unlike the photos they leave at home on a shelf or in an album, Indigo Song would create beautiful pieces as wearable memories.