2022 Dress - Flora - Sea Stars & Urchins - Sunset

2022 Dress - Flora - Sea Stars & Urchins - Sunset

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About 950 different species of sea urchins are found on the sea beds of every ocean, at every depth and in every climate. In Bermuda they are seen in shallow areas, particularly in Harrington Sound. Although starfish are rare in Bermuda's shallow waters, they are occasionally seen in the deep waters at Challenger Banks. But as our skies are so clear, you will probably see more stars overhead than anywhere else in the world!

100% rayon challis 

Short dress with ruffled neck into straps 

Digitally printed with bio-degradable, non-toxic, plant-based, eco friendly inks

Machine or hand wash cold. Line dry or tumble dry low inside out.

Designed in Bermuda | Made in the USA