Sarong - Lovebirds
Sarong - Lovebirds

Sarong - Lovebirds

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Bermuda bluebirds are local icons. The vibrant shock of blue flashing through the greenery is an exciting sight to locals and visitors alike. They are a sub species of the North American Eastern Bluebird, and apparently made their way here in the 1600s. Flocks of 50 or more of the brightly coloured native birds could be seen in the skies. Those numbers have drastically dwindled over the last 70 years, and they are now completely dependent upon man-made bluebird boxes for their survival. We wanted to do a bluebird design to highlight again the damage done to our ecology when the wrong things are introduced. It is not just plastics and pollution that are harming our island life. Introduces species like sparrows and starlings, land development reducing nesting and feeding opportunities, and feral cats and pesticides all hinder the survival of this beautiful native bird. We hope our designs will bring awareness to the next generation, and that they will make changes that will increase the population from the mere 500 remaining.

100% cotton voile 

Digitally printed with plant based, bio-degradable, non-toxic, eco friendly inks

Petite 36 x 53" 

Machine or hand wash cold. Line dry or tumble dry low

Designed in Bermuda  |  Made in the USA