Sarong - Sargasso Seahorses
Sarong - Sargasso Seahorses

Sarong - Sargasso Seahorses

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Seahorses are quite rare in Bermuda, but if you are lucky, you will find one hiding in the sargasso seaweed, seagrass beds, or near algae covered dock posts and mooring chains. Unlike other fish, it is the male seahorse that carries the eggs until they hatch. The female lays the eggs into a pouch on his stomach where they will stay until birth. The babies immediately swim away and are able to fend for themselves.

100% cotton voile

Tall 42 x 62" 

Digitally printed with plant based, bio-degradable, non-toxic, eco friendly inks

Machine or hand wash cold. Line dry or tumble dry low

Designed in Bermuda | Made in the USA